Mini-Interview with Tommy Dean

I’ve long enjoyed Tommy Dean’s “Mini-Interviews” with members of the flash fiction community, so I was honored to be asked to participate in the series. Read my interview here.

“I love flash fiction. I think it’s magic. It’s so brief, so quick, but it shows you this whole world. You can get lost in just five hundred or a thousand words. It pulls you out of your own experience, plops you down in another, and then sends you back out, reeling. Just like that. And then you want to read it again.”

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New story + interview in Milk Candy Review

Read “Something Hungry and Bloody Jawed” in Milk Candy Review, a breathless piece about anger, wants, and the solitude of high school.


And read the corresponding interview with editor Cathy Ulrich, in which I talk about my story the inspiration behind it.

“It’s tough being a teenager; it really is. I think teens are often laughed at for their emotions or, worse, belittled for it. But they experience life – all its beauty and cruelty – just like everyone else.”

CHEAP POP Submissions Open November 1st!

Submit to CHEAP POP! Submissions for Season 1 of 2019 are open for the month of November.

This time around, we’re offering an optional FEEDBACK W/ DONATION. If you provide proof of donation to HRC, RAICES, or American Forests, the editors will provide feedback in the event your piece is not picked up for publication.

Check out this blog for more information. Can’t wait to read your words!


Michigan's Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction is OUT!

You can now purchase Michigan’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction! 


In it, you’ll find my essay, “Stories I’ve Written Instead of Writing About You.” Here’s a little snippet:

I do not know how to tell your story, so I tell other stories. I’ve come close to writing about you, once or twice, but each time feels disingenuous. Further and further away from the truth.

You can buy Michigan’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology of Nonfiction here.